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About Us

Our History

Founded in 1999, In-Pipe Technology Inc provides engineered wastewater treatment technology and services that meet the escalating challenges facing today’s municipalities and industrial clients. In-Pipe Technology’s patented technology and engineered solutions help customers achieve environmental compliance, eliminate noxious odors and corrosion, lessen the impact of fats, oils and grease, reduce operating costs and maximize return on capital expenditures. Rather than passively waiting until wastewater arrives at the treatment plant, In-Pipe Technology begins its proven process by treating the wastewater upstream in the far reaches of the sewer system, closer to the source

Clients across North America turn to In-Pipe Technology when they need an immediate, proven and cost-effective solution to their wastewater challenges. Our patented technology re-engineers the sewer biofilm and economically delivers numerous benefits to wastewater treatment including reductions in operations costs, achievement of compliance standards, odor and corrosion control, FOG (fat oil and grease) control and improved wastewater treatment plant productivity.

In-Pipe Technology enhances this fundamental process by starting treatment at strategic locations throughout the sewer collection system. In-Pipe Technology’s patented, green technology transforms miles of sewer pipe into an active part of the wastewater treatment process, optimizing the entire infrastructure. This improves operating economics without additional capital expenditure. Since it uses natural, biological methods that work with the treatment plant’s own processes, In-Pipe is a sustainable solution − environmentally and economically.

Mission Statement

“To provide sustainable solutions through utilization of existing infrastructure with a natural, bio process.”


Value Proposition

“Improve the economics and efficiency of wastewater treatment by converting the collection system into a beneficial treatment step.”



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