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  • EnPro Texas

    To Whom It May Concern,

    In-Pipe Technology Company, Inc. has been treating the wastewater in three nearby sewer districts where I have been intimately involved in the decision to use the In-Pipe program, closely monitoring operating performance and observed the beneficial impacts of their collection system bioaugmentation process.

    In-Pipe started their collection system Northampton MUD (Spring, TX) bioaugmentation program in Northampton in 2007 to reduce influent organic load to the WWTP, reduce operating costs and control collection system FOG…….
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  • Magnolia TX Independent School District

    Mr. Williams,
    I just wanted to give you an update on how our facilities are operating. As you know in June 2012, we started introducing In-Pipe bacteria into our, three wastewater treatment plants. We are also treating our lift stations for grease. In the last two years we have found the Bacteria has helped with sludge settling in the clarifier. The product has also cut our sludge hauling by approximately 70 percent and helped to eliminate our high ammonia levels, common to school facilities……Read More

  • Paul Hauck

    Dear Mr. Williams,

    I am writing to inform you of a recent inspection which I performed on my home septic system.
    I have been dosing my septic system with IPT microbes on a weekly (or more frequent) basis for approximately 12 years.
    To my amazement, there were absolutely no solids in the bottom of the tank upon inspection in December 2013.
    As a side note, I did observe a 2‐3 inch thick biofilm on top of the tank which did not seem to interfere with the function of the tank….. Read More

  • Neptune Beach, FL

    We want to express our appreciation for the performance of In-Pipe services for Neptune Beach. We have now been using the In-Pipe program since August 2009 and feel we have an adequate history on the project to be comfortable with the consistency of the services. The original goals of the project were to reduce the effluent nitrogen and influent CBOD loads while undergoing a plant upgrade from a contact-stabilization to integrated fixed film activated sludge (IFAS) process. Other goals included FOG and odor control in the collection system….. Read More

  • City of Greenville, Mississippi

    This note is in reference to the service that the City of Greenville has been implementing since September 2004 for our Wastewater Treatment Plant in regard to the In-Pipe microbial technology service.

    We have found this company to be very knowledgeable about wastewater treatment. Their service and attention to our plant and digester processed have been excellent. They are adept in assisting us to achieve….Read More


    In-Pipe Technology began providing us microbial technology solutions and services in the last half of CY 2001, beginning with our North and South Shore collection systems. Since then we have added the Main Harbor, Lake Harbor and Twin Harbor collection systems and three

    wastewater treatment lagoon systems….
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