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Environmental Engineer

Job Duties:


  • Perform engineering work in water and wastewater treatment and conveyance infrastructure.

  • Work on engineering planning and design projects, including detailed predictive modeling of collection system response, integrating kinetic, environmental, and physical impacts, resulting from IN-PIPE biological treatment.

  • Assist with the entire project life cycle including initial project scoping, project planning, project design documents preparation, project purchase order support, project installation/operations support, project post installation support, project field reports analysis, and client interface activities.

  • Be a core team member of Engineering and Project Management, working collaboratively with other internal company stakeholders like Executive Management, Commercial, Microbiology lab, and Field-support Operations staff to deliver project results.

  • Assist Executive Management with Engineering, Project Management, Microbiology Research and Business Development activities.

  • Provide technical and engineering support with preparing sales pitches, conference presentations, trade shows and business development activities.

  • Assist Executive Management with project activities to include but not limited to the following: Procure project preliminary information from customer sites (wastewater collection and wastewater treatment plants), review and analyze site data; Prepare engineering economic analysis to assist Management to determine if the project is a go/nogo; Prepare project analysis for client submission, assist sales with project proposals; Review wastewater collection system maps, lift station information, review wastewater treatment plant process data, and conduct necessary hydraulic modeling, prepare appropriate In-Pipe treatment engineering dosing plans, prepare proposed treatment schematics, process flow diagrams, recommend appropriate In-Pipe microbiology blends for field installation to ensure treatment goals are met within the proposed treatment designs; Provide engineering support to field operations staff during installations; Procure field data and analyze for Engineering trends relative to treatment goals; Prepare technical field reports (monthly and annual performance) for client submission; Assist with post installation field activities.

  • Review and recommend changes to dosing plans, blends to ensure treatment goals are met.

  • Track, record field changes and prepare as-built drawings, and maintain internal databases to ensure all information is current at all times; Assist with Asset Management activities: procure data from field service app, conduct root cause failure analysis, and provide appropriate corrective recommendations; Assist with any continuous improvement activities as assigned by Executive Management; Assist with necessary bench-testing, field pilot testing activities as needed in-addition to full scale In-Pipe installations; Provide Engineering support to internal Research and Development activities; Be able to work on multiple projects simultaneously and deliver project scopes within agreed budget, schedule and per quality expectations; Travel to client sites within USA (and international) as needed 10% of the time. 

  • Requires a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, or related.

  • Requires experience in the following gained through any combination of internships or work experience: 

  1. understanding of USEPA Wastewater regulations and standards and NPDES permits.

  2. Ability to interpret wastewater treatment plant permit limits, and notice of violations

  3. Strong understanding of principles of Wastewater collection systems including all of the following: gravity and sewer force-mains, odor issues, fats, oils and grease problems, inflow/infiltration principles, lift station designs, treatment plant hydraulics, process engineering treatment, plant, physical, chemical, and biological processes; knowledge of sludge process (including nitrification, de-nitrification, phosphorous removal) and Anaerobic digestion process.

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