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In-Pipe Technology now offers the IPT-AOP-16 Advanced Oxidation Process System for Lift Stations that requires no chemicals, needs only a small footprint and uses minimal electrical power.

IPT-AOP-16 chemical free scrubber system connects to the existing lift station vent to oxidize hydrogen sulfide outside of the lift station environment in order to scrub odors before emission to ambient air and to prevent corrosion of the existing infrastructure.

The IPTC(OH-) requires only 120V power and can be installed in a small space, typically less than 25% of the footprint of biological scrubber devices and with 50% of the power requirements. The photo catalytic cells in the chemical free scrubber produce a continuous supply of powerful hydroxyl radical oxidizing agents to neutralize hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and other odors.

Photo Catalytic Cell Performance

A high intensity UV light targeted on a hydrated Quad-Metallic target in a ozone atmosphere thereby creating Ozone, Hydroperoxides, Super Oxide Ions, Hydroxides and Ozonide Ions. All are very aggressive friendly gaseous oxidizers. By friendly we mean oxidizers that revert back to oxygen and hydrogen after they oxidize the organics, bacteria, odor or gases.

In either the negative or positive pressure configuration, the photo catalytic cells provide constant production of powerful hydroxyl radicals, hydroperoxides and oxide ions along with low, safer levels of ozone ions for years of quiet low energy, low maintenance odor control.

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Infrequent Maintenance and Scalability

Each photo catalytic cell lasts 2 to 3 years with continuous usage. A run time meter is provided on the unit to monitor usage and lamp life. Replacement of the lamps takes less than an hour.

Individual IPTC(OH-) scrubber units can be installed in parallel, enabling a scalable and flexible treatment solution. For Industrial applications, sizing for waste containers or working areas can be done prior to installation to provide guaranteed treatment performance for specific uses.

Compatible with IPT Collection System Bioaugmentation

By utilizing In-Pipe collection system bioaugmentation treatment in the collection system to reduce the majority of the H2S by removing the sulfate reducing biofilms, the IPTC(OH-) is an easy and efficient way to polish the air in the lift station headspace, eliminating odor complaints and corrosion problems in wastewater collection systems.

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Our Solution

Lift-Station Odor Control

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