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Our Service

We don’t sell bacteria, we sell results

Our commitment is a completely turn-key service for one flat monthly fee.  Let’s be honest, we are talking about biology here – it’s complicated.  Things change.  Our service is designed to be flexible and adaptable to meet these changing conditions.  We are not interested in selling the most amount of product as we can – we care about the long term, lasting results from the implementation of our green solution in your system.

How it Works

In-Pipe Technology custom engineers the right treatment solution for each customer.


Strategic dosing locations are chosen at the outset of the project by our engineering staff.  During installation and subsequent microbe reloads, each dosing location is evaluated and its state is documented (i.e., accumulation of FOG, excessive odor, etc.). Taking this information into consideration, the engineering and microbiology teams at IPT can make adjustments to the microbe blend at any location during the project in order to more effectively treat the specific situation at that location.  Additionally, we provide reports highlighting potential problems observed during our field service so that we can proactively address potential problems.

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The continuous introduction of microbes is achieved through numerous dosing panels located below ground, inside manholes and pump stations throughout the collection system.  The dosing panel is approximately 14.5-inches x 12-inches x 7-inches.  It requires no external power and no above-ground liquid storage.  We never enter a manhole or any environment classified as a “confined space”.  Each panel contains IPT custom-blended microbial solution, inspected for functionality and reloaded every 30-60 days by the IPT service team.

To ensure the rapid proliferation of our bacteria in sufficient quantities to change the microcosm of the sewer, large quantities of active IPT microbes are added to key areas of the collection system at start-up.  This “kick start” is administered to strategic locations within the collection system during dosing panel installation and greatly aids in the sewer conversion process.  Introducing this large volume of IPT bacteria overwhelms the native ecology and allows the IPT bacteria to become dominant in the collection system in less time.

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