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Better Water Treatment Through Bioscience


FOG Control

Custom-engineered, 100% green, bioscience-based FOG treatment deployed near the point source.  Eliminate FOG buildups naturally and safely, and keep sewer lines running clear - for good.

Plant Operations

Everything that happens in a treatment plant depends on biology.  Increase plant capacity, lower electricity demand, and get more efficiency out of your digesters by starting the treatment as far upstream as possible in the collection system.


Odor Control

Instead of waiting for Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) to build up and cause problems down the line and at the treatment plant, fight odor and corrosion economically and naturally by preventing it from forming in the first place.


Sludge Reduction

Biosolids handling can be a huge expense. Cut down on the solids and sludge by as much as 30% - let nature do the work.


Nutrient Removal

Compliance means reliably and consistently removing harmful nutrients from wastewater.  Use the biology of the entire wastewater infrastructure to make the organics in your influent  wastewater much more bioavailable.  More rbCOD = easier removal of N and P

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