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A Green Solution is Right Under Your Nose

Why fight it – when you can prevent it?

The cause of odor – and the solution

It’s commonly thought that the cause of odor in the sewer system is hydrogen sulfide (H2S). While this is true, it’s just part of the reason. In fact, the REAL cause of odor comes from the common bacteria found in human waste.

While much of the waste that enters the system travels through sewer pipes to your plant, some bacteria get left behind and forms a biofilm. As this biofilm builds up, the bacteria that populate it grab nutrients as they pass by, and they keep producing H2S which makes its way – in both liquid and gas form – all the way down the pipe, into the lift station, the treatment plant, and even the lagoon, if you have one.



Every time H2S gets a chance – such as at a lift station – it will make a break for it into the open air, and nearby residents will complain to city officials once they smell it. That’s bad enough, but you could also find yourself dealing with something even worse – a dangerous and potentially hazardous buildup of gases in your system, as well as the long-term effects of corrosion. 

Instead of finding a permanent solution for this constant problem, most wastewater professionals deploy an array of chemicals and equipment to try to remove the odor after it has formed.

Yes, typical odor-fighting methods are effective. But these odor-masking tactics suck up staff time, can hurt your system and equipment, are usually not the safest for the environment and cost a lot of money.


Believe it or not, there is a better solution than expensive scrubbers and toxic chemicals.


What if you could find a scientifically proven way to eliminate odor at its source without running around playing Whack-a-Mole throughout your system? 

Believe it or not, there is a better solution than expensive scrubbers and filters, or dumping potentially toxic hydrogen peroxide or calcium nitrate into your system.



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The problems with many odor-prevention methods  

Once you let the odor-causing biofilm grow in the sewer and spread, it is in control. You’re reacting, continually chasing your tail until you find the next place where the odor pops up. 

Maybe you feel like you have a handle on it because you regularly drop chemicals and effectively stop most odors from surfacing. But take a step back and ask a few questions:

Is your odor control fix:

...hurting your system?

If you effectively bomb your system with harsh chemicals, you’ll likely see some odor-masking success. But chemicals can add sludge, include toxic heavy metals, have an adverse effect on the treatment process and efficacy and make it tougher to remove nutrients. They also corrode equipment, which costs time and money for maintenance and repair work. That’s one heck of a tradeoff. 

...too expensive?

When you’re asked to find a quick solution to odor problems, you might pick one that has high industry awareness, but also comes with a hefty price tag. With more time to evaluate other options, you likely would have picked a more affordable solution, which is vital with the extreme budget problems most cities are facing today. Don’t you have other things you can do with that money?

...just masking the problem?

Yes, you need to get rid of the odor as soon as possible. But if you’re spending time and money to just smother the smell, you might wonder if that same effort could go toward eliminating what causes the odor problem altogether. 

How to attack the problem at its source

Odor problems can occur at multiple areas in the process, but if you attack the problems at the point where they germinate you’ll have much better success at preventing issues later in the system.

In-Pipe Technology’s solution is designed to fight fire with fire, eliminating odor problems at their source with a proven bioscience solution that targets the cause of the odor and destroys it.

System review

In-Pipe will help you conduct a full review of your system, finding odor hotspots. The purpose is to figure out where the most effective locations for treatment are, so we can stop odor close to its source.

If odor-causing bacteria are stuck inside a pipe, they likely have plenty of nutrients to keep it going. To combat this, In-Pipe will continually dose its proprietary mix of bacteria into the affected area, which will get to the nutrients three times as fast to effectively starve the bad bacteria. The result is that the odor-creating bacteria die off and dissolve into the wastewater.


In-Pipe’s proprietary bacteria safely consume nutrients before odor-causing bacteria can reach them.

No harsh chemicals. No expensive scrubbers or other equipment. Just a biological battle in which the bad bacteria loses, and the source of the odor is washed away – well before you have to deal with it at a lift station or plant… and before it stinks up your community. 

An Economical, Green Solution 

In-Pipe’s proven source-focused solution to odor issues is just one of the main advantages vs. other in-market odor prevention methods.

Other In-Pipe pluses include:


Safe for environment:  


In-Pipe offers a natural biological solution that comes from soil, not harsh chemicals created in a factory. There is no danger to the pipes, pumps or treatment plant. The In-Pipe program will appeal to the growing number of residents and city leaders who are looking for environmentally friendly solutions. 


A quick start-up:


Representatives from In-Pipe will work with your team to analyze your system maps and decide on the best places to dose. No need to buy new equipment or train your team – In-Pipe will get to work on your odor issues quickly. Expect results within months that will last for years to come.


Innovative service model:

In-Pipe’s program is completely turnkey. We collaborate with you to prepare the dosing plan that fits the unique layout of your system, install multiple dosing locations as agreed, and maintain and service each location as needed – all for one flat fee.


Lower cost:


In-Pipe is almost always a more affordable odor prevention alternative when compared with others on the market. For example, it is a fraction of the cost of the market leading calcium nitrate solution. 


In-Pipe’s innovative solution to persistent odor problems stands out in the market because it takes care of the problem at its source and doesn’t hurt your equipment or the environment. Cities are looking for inexpensive, long-term, green solutions and In-Pipe will make it possible for you to fix it and forget it.

The Science

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