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Fats, Oils, and Grease




FOG doesn't leave without a fight.


Most FOG hotspots

are created by one of

two sources - restaurants and manufacturers.

One city’s successful FOG battle

Most FOG hotspots are created by one of two sources – restaurants and manufacturers, especially food-related ones. Here’s a look at how one city dealt with FOG issues from both.

Restaurant Row: The city was proud of its “restaurant row,” which was popular with residents and tourists. But its wastewater system and its aging pipes were hit with a torrent of FOG discharges that required consistent cleaning. To prevent disaster, crews had to close down a street every week near the restaurants and painstakingly blow out the FOG. 

Industrial Site: Crews were dispatched to a golf course near a food manufacturer where FOG discharge caused a constant overflow. The crews traveled to the golf course just about every month, jumped in some golf carts and cleared out pipes that caused an overflow. 

In response, the city decided to go on offense. It started using a bacteria-based approach from In-Pipe Technology that was tailored to its specific needs, at a fraction of the cost of the previous constant cleanups.


The number of FOG issues our sample community has had since implementing In-Pipe's solution. 

In-Pipe has set up more than 130 dosing areas throughout the city, which has eliminated all FOG issues. No more weekly cleanings on Restaurant Row. No more visits to the golf course to clean out the FOG-induced overflow. And no more consumer complaints for FOG-related odors.



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A new approach to FOG removal

Right now, FOG is probably on the offense in your system. You’re playing defense, dealing with it just before or after it becomes unbearable.

Enough of that. Let’s look at how you could nip FOG in the bud.



In-Pipe Technology has developed a solution to eliminate FOG buildup before it becomes an issue for you. We let you treat and solve the problem, not chase it.

Our proprietary bacteria solution metabolizes FOG naturally and is safe for your system. We don’t use harsh chemicals or surfactants that can cause issues for your pipes and infrastructure because we’re in the business of solving problems for you, not creating them. Once the system is set up, we run it – saving you and your staff time and money.

System review

In-Pipe will help you conduct a full review of your system, finding FOG wherever it occurs. The purpose is to figure out where the most effective spots are for treatment and stop the FOG as close as possible to its source without causing downstream problems.

There are many examples like the one noted above in In-Pipe’s 20 years of providing custom solutions to wastewater system plants throughout the country. In each case, In-Pipe’s science-based approach addressed the FOG problems near the points of entry. This saves manpower and costs and puts you back in control of your system.


Our bioscience-based solution employs several different strains of bacteria, customized specifically for your system’s challenges.

In-Pipe’s advantages

To summarize, here are some of the benefits – both immediate and long-term – of the In-Pipe solution:


Quick, long-lasting results

You’ll see results quickly, and they’ll last over time. We’re committed to providing you with the last FOG solution you’ll ever need


Financial ROI

When you and your team no longer need to fight FOG throughout your system, you’ll see immediate benefits to your bottom line. In-Pipe’s solution will also save you from the costs associated with jet/vacing, manpower and even help address odors and SSOs. In a time when many municipal budgets are stretched because of the coronavirus pandemic, city leaders will appreciate a smart solution like In-Pipe.


Custom solution

Our bioscience-based solution employs several different strains of bacteria, tailored specifically to be effective with your FOG problems. With our flexible solution, you can be confident that you’ll see measurable, demonstrable results, quickly – regardless of the changing dynamics of your environment.


Superior service model

We’re on site every month to ensure that you’re satisfied with how our approach is working for you. Our turnkey solution eliminates FOG buildup, so your plant doesn’t have to treat the issue later. This is a proven, long-term solution, not a stopgap measure.


Beats the alternatives

This is a better solution than jet/vacing or using harsh chemicals. We’ve really thought through not only how to address FOG, but also how to avoid the common downsides of other ways to fight it. Our bioscience-based solution is all-natural, so it doesn’t introduce harmful chemical byproducts into your system or plant, and it doesn’t corrode or degrade your pipes and infrastructure.


-Brayn Weber, CEO

Changing your game plan against FOG from defense to offense is the best way to knock it out of your system quickly and keep it out, saving you time and money and letting your team focus on more important issues.

The Science

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Odor Control

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Compliance Solutions

Your crews might have to visit FOG-plagued sites every week – or, if you’re lucky, every month or so. They go out there and blast the fog through the system to the plant before it causes a backup. Done.

Until the next time. 

Then, once again, your crew trudges back there like clockwork, sucking away valuable work time they could spend on something more important. And you have to account for all of that, plus additional plant cleaning, in your budget.

Sick of this routine? Read on.

Once you have FOG problems in your system, they’re not going away quietly. 
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