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Company History


Founded in 1999 by a microbiologist and a wastewater engineer, In-Pipe Technology was one of the first companies to commercialize research that was being done in the environmental sciences community aimed at using soil bacteria to have a meaningful impact on the treatment of wastewater.  They developed a patented system and microbial formulation, and set out to demonstrate that the sewer collection system could actually be used to start treatment far earlier than was ever believed possible.


Over the years the company has refined its approach, developing different microbial blends and approaches to dosing, in order to help wastewater treatment professionals meet the various challenges they face in the areas of  FOG, corrosion, nutrient removal, chemical usage, odor control, and operating costs.


In-Pipe has recently begun a new chapter in its history.  After 18 years in business, in 2017, the company shareholders decided to turn over the reins to a new group of professional owners.  A refined and energized team, combining new owners with an experienced legacy team, In-Pipe is driven by the desire to see this simple, elegant, proven, bio-science based, green solution deployed everywhere.

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