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City of McHenry, Illinois Saves Operating $’s and Improves the Environment with In-Pipe Technology

April. 2, 2015

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Mr. Russell Ruzicka, Superintendent for the City of McHenry, Illinois reported monthly savings in excess of $7,000 resulting from In-Pipe Technology’s patented collection system bio augmentation services. The savings have resulted from influent load reduction and the reduction of ferric chloride used to help remove phosphorus. Mr. Ruzicka, Plant Engineering for McHenry reported significant reductions in sludge, and power consumption required for aeration and chemical usage. This was accomplished while staying in compliance with stringent effluent requirements. The calculated reduction of FeCl chemical exceeds 34 dry tons annually that is no longer going to landfill or the Fox River. 

“We are very pleased to be of continued service to McHenry and we are happy to be helping them reduce their operating costs” quoted In-Pipe. “McHenry has been very cooperative with In-Pipe implementing our technology and we appreciate the confidence they have placed in us.” 

In-Pipe’s patented technology includes regularly adding a high concentration formulation of facultative, naturally-occurring, non-pathogenic bacteria to strategic locations throughout the sewer system in accordance with an engineered plan. This entails zero capital cost and no additional energy requirement. Performance in the collection system provides increased capacity within the plant, forestalls costly upgrades, and extends the life of the existing infrastructure. 

In-Pipe Technology offers specialized technical expertise, strong customer understanding, and deep resource knowledge. Since In-Pipe uses natural, biological methods that complement a treatment plant’s own processes, In-Pipe is a sustainable solution − environmentally and economically.

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