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Distribution Partnership: IN-PIPE Technology and Integra Environmental Solutions

March 29, 2021

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WOOD DALE, IL – IN-PIPE Technology (IPT) is pleased to announce its first commercial partnership in Europe with Integra Environmental Solutions, based in the south of Spain, will exclusive rights to represent In-Pipe’s full range of solutions and products in Spain and Portugal, as well Morocco, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman. Integra, which had some previous exposure to In-Pipe’s bioscience-based approach to treating wastewater presented an opportunity to establish its first client application in Lora del Rio, Spain in the fall of 2020.

Working together, representatives from Integra and IPT, engineered a dosing plan to deliver a custom blend of bacteria 24/7/365 throughout the village’s wastewater collection system. In the first three months of application, the client has experienced a 15% reduction in BOD and a highly noticeable decrease in odors, well on their way to achieving the project’s objectives.

“We are excited to be working with the team at IN-PIPE Technology to bring this environmentally friendly approach to pretreating wastewater to Spain, said Prudencio Rodríguez, President of Integra Environmental Solutions. Our client is very excited by the early results. We have received much interest from several communities throughout the country as a result of this early success.”

“There is already great potential to bring this innovative, green, bio-science based, turnkey solution to

many municipalities throughout the U.S. Working with the team at Integra, we can significantly expand that reach”, said Doug Fagans, Chief Commercial Officer of IN-PIPE Technology.

Established in 1999, In-Pipe Technology is a green, bioscience-based, turnkey solutions provider to the

municipal wastewater treatment industry. They help clients address FOG, odor, nutrient removal, sludge, and operations costs. Headquartered in Wood Dale, IL (near Chicago), inquiries can be directed to or 630.509.2488.

Integra Environmental Solutions is a technology consulting firm that, through the implementation of

state-of-the-art technologies, helps solve problems related to water and air treatment, energy, sustainable agriculture, and construction systems; all this at the domestic, industrial, public and private levels. Headquartered in Málaga, Spain, inquiries can be directed to or +

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