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In-Pipe Technology Awarded $1 Million Contract For Green Sewer Collection System Treatment

September 30, 2010

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WHEATON, IL - In-Pipe Technology Company®, Inc. announced that the City of Sarasota, FL has selected In-Pipe to provide professional services to the City for the control of fats, oils and grease (FOG) within the sewer collection system. The three-year contract, with two one-year extension options valued at over $1.0 Million, is the result of over two years of careful evaluation of In-Pipe services by the City.

Alex Hernandez, with the City of Sarasota Utilities Department stated, "We had a problem with odors and sewer blockages in the St. Armand Circle area and we were looking for a solution. In-Pipe's solution to those problems seemed to make sense and we're cautiously optimistic after talking to their references. We had seen and tried what we thought were the same things before without success. In-Pipe was different and proved themselves over a three year period expanding throughout the rest of the city, which led to this contract. They performed where no one else had and their overall value to the city has the potential to be greater than the cost of their monthly service fee based on the projected reduced costs in both the collection system and waste treatment plant, which is very important in these economic times. We have to get the most out of every dollar we spend."

In-Pipe's patented technology includes regularly adding a high concentration formulation of facultative, naturally-occurring, non-pathogenic bacteria to strategic locations throughout the sewer system in accordance with an engineered plan. This requires zero capital cost and no additional energy requirement. Performance in the collection system provides increased capacity within the plant, forestalls costly upgrades, and extends the life of the existing infrastructure.

In-Pipe Technology offers specialized technical expertise, strong customer understanding, and deep resource knowledge. Since In-Pipe uses natural, biological methods that work with the treatment plants' own processes, In-Pipe is a sustainable solution - environmentally and economically.

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