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In-Pipe Technology Expands To Dubai, UAE Under Contract With Metito

October 10, 2008

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WHEATON, IL - In-Pipe Technology Company (In-Pipe) announced that Metito (Overseas) LTD, a global leader in the design, engineering and operations of water and wastewater systems, signed a one-year contract with In-Pipe to deploy In-Pipe's patented wastewater treatment service at the Dubai Investments Park in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The contract at Dubai Investments Park represents the first deployment of In-Pipe in the MENA region.

Dubai Investments Park is a 3,180 hectares mixeduse industrial, commercial, residential and recreational development park. "The Dubai Investments Park Development Company designed a modern, environmentally-conscious, industrial park complex aimed to integrate a new town structure whereby people can live, work, recreate and shop in one location", states Dan Williamson, In-Pipe's Chairman. Metito built, owns and operates the wastewater treatment plant for the entire development.

The Emirate of Dubai is undergoing rapid industrial, commercial and residential expansion, and this rapidly growing industrial complex is indicative of the whole area. "Like many other projects in the region, this park expansion is stressing the wastewater treatment system. In-Pipe Technology alleviates that stress by maximizing the treatment capacity and efficiency of the existing infrastructure," states Mr. Williamson.

In-Pipe's patented service turns a passive conveyance system into an active, controlled part of the entire treatment process. "We tend to think of wastewater treatment as what occurs within the confines of the treatment plant. In reality, we have square kilometers of surface area of sewer piping where biological transformations occur. If that area can be harnessed and converted into a part of the treatment process, then we've expanded the capacity with the same infrastructure. By making every part of the system work for Metito, we create more effective, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly wastewater treatment", states Mr. Williamson.

In-Pipe installed its biological treatment service at Dubai Investments Park in August. Under the technical direction from In-Pipe, Metito manages ongoing operations and maintenance.

About In-Pipe Technology
In-Pipe Technology provides engineered wastewater treatment that addresses the regulatory, budgetary and operational challenges facing today's municipalities. In-Pipe provides its patented technology as a managed service (no capital expenditures) to continuously pre-treat wastewater in the sewer collection system. Headquartered in Wheaton, IL, In-Pipe serves wastewater treatment plants throughout the United States and abroad.

About Dubai Investment Park
Dubai Investments Park is a modern environment friendly mixed-use industrial, commercial, residential and recreational development park located at the southern area of Dubai close to Jebel Ali Free Zone and Port. The park covers an area of 3,180 hectares in total size and about 10 km in length. The park is developed and managed by Dubai Investments Park Development Company and provides a range of services for potential and present tenants. The park is aimed to integrate a new township whereby people can live, work, recreate and ship in one location.

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