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Kosmo Seraya SND. BHD. And In-Pipe Technology® Company, LLC (USA), Announce Joint Venture Agreement For The Acquisition Of Patent Rights And Process Technology For ASEAN

October 11, 2005

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Kosmo Seraya Snd. Bhd. and In-Pipe Technology Company announced the signing of a joint venture agreement for the creation of a regionally focused biotechnology company focused on improving wastewater treatment, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The joint venture, IPT Kosmo BioTechnology, Sdn. Bhd., will develop "Made in Malaysia" intellectual property for wastewater treatment, waste reduction, and waste bioconversion processes, and is intended to establish Malaysia as a front-runner in the research and development of new commercial applications for this revolutionary biotechnology. Through the acquisition of patent rights and process technology the company will offer its services throughout the ASEAN region and undertake the development of new biotechnology innovations.

In-Pipe's proven, patented biotechnology represents a fundamental shift in the economics and methods of wastewater treatment. Rather than waiting until wastewater arrives at the treatment plant, In-Pipe begins the treatment process in the far reaches of the sewer system, closer to the source. In-Pipe's advanced biological wastewater treatment, uses the natural retention time in the miles of sewer piping to treat the waste en-route to the plant.

"Kosmo Seraya Snd. Bhd. is pleased to have entered into this joint venture agreement with In-Pipe Technology," said Mr. Norhamzah Nordin, Managing Director of Kosmo Seraya Sdn. Bhd. "This advanced biological wastewater treatment technology provides a much needed solution to many of the challenges and capital restrictions that wastewater treatment plants are facing today; not only in Malaysia but throughout the ASEAN region as well. This is a significant step in positioning Malaysia as the leader of this highly advanced biotechnology."

"We are extremely excited about entering into this joint venture agreement with Kosmo Seraya Snd. Bhd. and look forward to working with Kosmo Seraya introducing this truly advanced biotechnology into the ASEAN region," said Mr. Daniel R. Williamson, President and CEO of In-Pipe Technology Company LLC.

The technology provided by In-Pipe treatment modifies the naturally occurring biofilm already growing in the collection system, to deliver a number of major benefits without an increase in net operating cost. It helps prevent hydrogen sulfide production and consequent sewer pipe corrosion. It reduces odors and grease blockages in the pipes and pumping stations. It improves the performance and efficiency of the treatment plant and helps the plant meet discharge compliance levels.

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