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Milieu-Nomics Incorporated Announces Spin-off of Newly Formed In-Pipe Technology Company, LLC

October 1, 1999

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Milieu-Nomics Incorporated announced today that it has spun off part of its business as the In-Pipe Technology Company, LLC. The new company will be totally focused on providing In-Pipe Technology to the municipal marketplace. This spin-off included a private placement to capitalize the Company. Terms of the private placement were not disclosed.

In-Pipe Technology is a patented process involving the continuous addition of highly concentrated microbes into the collection system, turning the sewer into a high speed bioreactor. Patented for odor / corrosion control and biosolids reduction at the treatment plant, In-Pipe Technology (the product) has been proven in Tampa, FL, and Baton Rouge, LA, and recently has been under evaluation on additional small flow systems (< 5 MGD) in Connecticut, Northern Illinois, and Northern Louisiana.

"This spin-off as a free standing entity allows us to build a separate team dedicated to the municipal market in support of those Authorities and Districts that are faced with specific problems", said Daniel Williamson, In-Pipe Technology General Manager. "The capital raised with this private placement will allow us to quickly pursue contracts on a ‘no risk' basis to the end users, which will speed our introduction of In-Pipe into the market", added Williamson. "There are several groups that have been in discussions with Milieu-Nomics regarding implementation of In-Pipe. The spin-off will allow us to move forward quickly." Williamson also stated that a major introduction of the Company will be made at the WEFTEC'99 exhibition and conference in New Orleans next week.

In-Pipe Technology was first implemented in Tampa four years ago for odor control and Tampa still uses the treatment with success. Leading national scientists have endorsed the concept of In-Pipe Technology. In-Pipe Technology provides benefits for both collection systems and treatment plants, and is paid for from net savings realized. "This represents a strategic step in our plans", Williamson added. "The cost of biosolids / sludge disposal is very high in certain parts of the United States and we believe that we have the solution. In-Pipe also greatly extends installed pipe service life. We guarantee, in writing, that we will save the sewer authorities, sanitary districts, and municipalities money."

In addition to offering In-Pipe Technology, the new company will also distribute the SPINNER solid / liquid separator for sludge dewatering and further reduction in operating costs. The Spinner is sold by Milieu-Nomics but will be available to In-Pipe Technology Company, LLC. In-Pipe Technology Company will be selecting sales representation for the microbial treatment and Spinner dewatering systems during the remainder of 1999. Additional representatives are wanted. More information is available on the companies' shared website, which will eventually be separated into two separate sites. 

For Further Information Please Contact:
Mr. Dan Williamson, General Manager
In-Pipe Technology Company, LLC
100 Bridge Street, Wheaton, IL 60187
Phone: (630) 871-9010 x 1128; Fax: (630) 871-0303

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