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Lift Station Odor Control

The odor that comes from wastewater is one problem, but odorous wastewater gasses result from a combination of issues that occur when wastewater turns septic. There are many different types of wastewater lift station odor control systems. However, the two main types are passive odor control or chemical feed systems.

These two primary types of wastewater lift station odor control systems represent two different cultures of wastewater management. Passive odor control works on eliminating the odor particles in the air that have escaped the lift station. And chemical feed systems pump chemicals directly into the lift station to prevent the sewage from turning septic and causing odors.

Septic wastewater results in several different issues. Wastewater that begins to turn septic contains bacteria in the sewage that produce higher levels of hydrogen sulfide, methane, ammonia, and other odorous substances. While these chemicals have an unpleasant smell, they are also flammable, corrosive, and problematic or costly to treat.

However, wastewater only becomes an odor problem when it sits and is allowed to become septic. When sewage is consistently moving and pumped quickly, there is no time for the wastewater to become septic, and very few odorous gasses will result.

Whether a passive odor control system or a chemical feed system is chosen depends on the local treatment facility and its standards.

In-Pipe Technology believes the best way to manage lift station odor problems is with their IPT-AOP-16 Advanced Oxidation Process System. It requires no chemicals, uses minimal electrical power, and needs only a small footprint.

IPT-AOP-16 is a chemical-free scrubber system that connects directly to the existing lift station vent to scrub odors as they reach the ambient air. Not only that, but the IPT-AOP-16 also helps to prevent corrosion of the existing lift station infrastructure.

For a more in-depth look at how In-Pipe Technologies handles odor control, give us a call today!

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