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Jackson, Mississippi Expands Use Of In-Pipe Technology For Municipal Wastewater Treatment

September 24, 2006

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WHEATON, IL — The City of Jackson, MS expanded its use of In-Pipe Technology® (In-Pipe) in an effort to improve the overall operating efficiency and performance of its treatment plants and sewer collection systems.

With a population of approximately 180,000, Jackson is served by three wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). Severn Trent Environmental Services provides contract Operations and Maintenance of the city's three plants and ninety-two pump stations.

Jackson first contracted with In-Pipe in 2003, using its wastewater treatment technology to control odors; reduce fats, oil & grease in the collection system; and reduce sludge at the two million gallons a day (MGD) Trahon WWTP. The new contract expands In-Pipe treatment to thirty-five MGD, covering the Trahon and Savannah wastewater collection systems and treatment plants.

"Following last year's Hurricane season and the resulting financial stress, the city was looking at creative ways to increase operating efficiency and save money", states Anthony Harkless, Wastewater Engineer for Jackson. "We selected In-Pipe Technology based on their performance at our Trahon plant and in the sewer collection system. They've helped us reduce sludge, reduce odors and eliminate blockages in the sewers from fats, oil, and grease -- all of which reduces costs."

The objective of the expanded contract between Jackson and In-Pipe Technology is systemwide implementation to further reduce sludge and provide electrical savings. "In-Pipe Technology patented process alters the wastewater en-route to the treatment plant. This ‘pre-treatment increases the bioavailability, which reduces the aeration requirements at the plant and pollutant loading entering and leaving the plant," states Dan Williamson, CEO of In-Pipe Technology.

"In addition to continuing to serve the City of Jackson, we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Severn Trent Environmental Services, which has more than 600 water and wastewater clients throughout the nation. We believe In-Pipe can further Severn Trent's dedication to innovation, efficiency, and high quality in wastewater treatment," states Williamson.

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