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Steps in the Wastewater Treatment Tertiary Process

In-Pipe Technology offers an effective wastewater treatment tertiary process

and scientifically proven systems that make wastewater available for various applications, such as tank washing.

What is the Wastewater Treatment Tertiary Process?

The wastewater treatment tertiary process is the final stage of a standard wastewater management program, as the third and final step. After effluent has been processed in the primary and second stages, removing suspended solids and tending to the pH balancing needed to reduce its biochemical oxygen requirement (BOD), then the wastewater can enter the wastewater treatment tertiary process phase.

As previously stated, the wastewater treatment tertiary process is the final stage in a wastewater management system. The wastewater's source and intended use determine how thorough it must be treated. Final filtration may not be required for beverage waste streams, which can be used in drip irrigation systems. For use in CIP, tank washing and other applications, however, the wastewater must be final stage filtered and sterilized.

Reusing gray water (processed waste) is easier than using blackwater. It is crucial to reduce the organic loading (BOD), as well as the suspended solids, in high-strength wastewater to allow for final stage of the wastewater treatment tertiary process.

What Does In-Pipe's Wastewater Treatment Tertiary Process Look Like?

Water treatment ends with sterilizing water for reuse and removing any potentially harmful contaminants. After moving through the first two steps to clean and sanitize the water, then comes the wastewater treatment tertiary process. This stage may use one or more of these technologies.

  • Ultrafiltration

  • Reverse Osmosis

  • Ozone Sterilization

  • Ultraviolet Light Sterilization

  • Carbon Filtration

These technologies are used to process reclaimed water for various applications, such as:

  • Clean in Place (CIP), Processes

  • Tank Washing

  • Irrigation

A wastewater treatment tertiary process and water treatment system can drastically reduce the amount of water that your facility uses. This is important for regions, states, and localities facing water shortages. For more about how In-Pipe Technology can benefit you and your community, give us a call to schedule a meeting: 630.509.2488

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