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The Importance of Wastewater Nutrient Removal - In-Pipe’s Solution

With the growing pressure of stringent water quality standards, many municipal and industrial organizations are turning to specialized technology solutions in order to help them reduce their nitrogen and phosphorus discharges, also know as nutrient removal. Consequently, this is helping create a cleaner environment for us all.

Nutrient Removal Wastewater Plant Operations
The Importance of Wastewater Nutrient Removal - In-Pipe’s Solution

The Importance of Nutrient Removal


When wastewater is discharged back into the environment without treatment, it often carries an abundance of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus - which can rapidly cause algal bloom.

This overgrowth blocks out vital sunlight for other aquatic life forms, suffocates them with deoxygenated water, or even kills them off in large numbers due to soaring ammonia levels. This has a detrimental impact on many ecosystems worldwide.

Human Health:

Environmental experts have long warned that an excessive amount of nutrients in the environment can severely jeopardize human health. This is becoming increasingly evident as our ecosystem continues to be impacted by modern day pollutants and contaminants.

Sources of Nutrients in Wastewater Streams

  • Residual nutrients from industrial production (product / supplemental ingredients)

  • Cleaning Chemicals and/or Detergents using Phosphate

  • Nutrients Inherent to All Other Organics

  • Run-off from agriculture

Nutrient Removal Processes and technologies


Wastewater treatment systems have a powerful ally in naturally-occurring bacteria and microorganisms that can target problem nutrients while safely eliminating them. This nutrient removal process helps to promote a healthier environment by restoring balance to crucial ecosystems.

Physically - Chemically:

Innovative nutrient removal processes employ combinations of clarification, flotation, filtration and chemical additives to rid wastewater streams of excess nutrients. Byproducts such as struvite can also be created through specialized technologies that transform the extracted compounds into a usable form.

Ion Exchange:

Media/resins can be used to efficiently extract nutrients from solution and reintroduce them into the environment, providing a cost-effective way of replenishing vital resources.

In-Pipe's Solution in The Nutrient Removal Process

In-Pipe Technology provides a revolutionary, eco-friendly solution to the challenge of wastewater treatment and the nutrient removal process. As soon as waste enters the collection systems, In-Pipe's product springs into action and transforms it into an efficient bioreactor that continues running until treated water is released from its facility - ensuring consistent performance throughout all points in the process.

Why In-Pipe's Nutrient Removal Process Works Better

In-Pipe unlocks the potential of wastewater treatment plants, helping them to break free from costly pollutants and reach optimal efficiency.

Whether your plant is compliant or not, our cutting edge technology reduces influent organic loading while increasing effluent quality—so you can keep contaminates at bay before they even enter the system.

In-Pipe’s Nutrient Removal Solution Is:

Environmentally safe

In-Pipe provides a natural biological solution that comes from soil, not harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes, pumps and/or treatment plant. This constant inflow of good bacteria builds a stronger microbial community in your plant.

A custom fit

In-Pipe’s solutions are tailored to your specific wastewater treatment system requirements with proprietary blends and advanced dosing technology to optimize treatment efficacy and improved effluent quality.

An innovative service model

In-Pipe’s turnkey program provides a dosing plan that fits your system design, and the company will provide ongoing service for one flat fee.


In-Pipe’s solution will likely cost less than other solutions, especially ones that require chemical and equipment additions or upgrades at the plant.

If your plant is struggling to find eco-friendly and cost effective solutions to the persistent need for nutrient removal then In-Pipe Technology is here to help. Contact us today and find out more about all of our solutions.

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