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In-Pipe's Approach to Nutrient Removal - Building a Healthy Balance

As a plant operator, you have been trained to calmly assess and respond when increased levels of nitrogen enter wastewater systems. This can be due to environmental changes or sudden industrial dumping - but never fear! With the right adjustments at your disposal, it's easy to stay within permit standards for effluent discharge.

In this article we'll talk about nutrient removal and how In-Pipe's approach could save you time and money.

Lab technician at In-Pipe Technology
In-Pipe's Approach to Nutrient Removal - Building a Healthy Balance

What is BNR - Biological Nutrient Removal

Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) is a fixed process for treating wastewater before it enters surface or ground water, utilizing an ecosystem-based approach to help mitigate the alarming levels of nitrogen and phosphorus found in municipal waste.

Biological Nutrient Removal holds promise as a solution that not only reduces nutrient pollution but also preserves natural ecosystems by preventing cultural eutrophication, which can have drastic effects on fish populations, oxygen content and clarity within affected bodies of water – ultimately resulting in fewer algal blooms during summer months.

In order to protect water bodies, wastewater treatment facilities are increasingly having to implement nutrient removal processes in effluent beyond the standards of conventional biological treatments.

However, this often brings about significant modifications like reducing aeration basin volume and limiting nitrification capacity which can be a major challenge for plant operations.

Trying to Keep the Balance with Nutrient Removal

An efficiently functioning plant is essential for keeping your business in compliance with environmental regulations. Effective breakdown of organic material and removal of harmful substances, as known as nutrient removal, like nitrogen and phosphorus will help you steer clear from the regulatory perils that can befall those who neglect their duty to protect ecosystems.

To support the growth of beneficial microbes, a critical balance must be kept between food and microbial activity. This is measured according to the F:M ratio – an assessment of organic material against microbial performance which can help inform your adjustments for optimal results.

The process of nutrient removal is vital for successful operations. If bacteria levels in your facility are insufficient, you may need to invest in equipment or additives that will help break down materials effectively.

Two people testing wastewater for nutrient removal and contamination
Understanding the Science Behind Nutrient Removal

Activated carbon is undeniably effective for the process of nutrient removal, however it often comes with an expensive price tag. When faced with EPA violations or a possible permit violation, the cost of carbon may be overlooked as an immediate solution.

To achieve an optimal F:M balance, you can strengthen your microbial community with beneficial bacteria. These microbes are essential for keeping the entire system in check so it is well equipped to handle this important task. It is an important part of In-Pipe's nutrient removal process.

In-Pipe's Process for Nutrient Removal - Building a Better Microbial Community

In-Pipe Technology provides a revolutionary, natural biological solution to the tryingly difficult issue of nutrient removal in wastewater treatment.

This unique approach is activated immediately once waste enters collection systems and works up until it reaches in-plant processing stages - allowing for continuously effective bioreactor performance on its journey.

If you’re constantly battling nutrient levels at your plant, and are looking for new and innovative ways for nutrient removal, the In-Pipe method delivers critical headway against regulatory ceilings.

In-Pipe technology revolutionizes nutrient removal of wastewater treatment with the introduction of highly efficient bacteria into your system. The collection process transforms into a dynamic biological reactor, creating an opportunity for increased efficiencies in water plants.

If you’re facing permit violations or just day-to-day challenges trying to keep your nutrient balance - learn more about In-Pipe’s innovative nutrient removal process that uses your entire system as a solution.

In-Pipe Technology has case studies that will dive into real world problems and challenges. We walk you through our solutions for nutrient removal and more. Give us a call or check out our website to get connected today.

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