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Why is Wastewater Recovery So Important?

Wastewater contains a blend of metals, nutrients, and specialized chemicals. Recovery of these types of materials can help assist in the community's growing demands for natural resources.

For example, reclaimed wastewater can be used for groundwater recharge, irrigation, or recreational purposes. As a result, wastewater recovery methodologies are constantly evolving.

There are two types of wastewater reuse: direct and indirect. If wastewater is intended for direct reuse, the process can be complex and requires a tertiary treatment with multiple barriers against contaminants. The types of impurities that need to be removed will depend on the intended use of the water.

However, indirect reuse of treated wastewater is usually piped into some type of wastewater containment system without being diluted by natural groundwater. Once "reclaimed", the wastewater is then mixed with another body of water before being considered reusable.

Wastewater treatment experts continue to work on established technologies and how to improve environmental rules and regulations to attain better water quality. Unfortunately, older wastewater treatment facilities require a lot of upgrades because of strict water quality standards, but this is often difficult because of limited space for expansion.

In-Pipe Technology offers an innovative natural biological solution to improve wastewater treatment without requiring more land area. Unlike other treatment processes, our product gets to work the moment waste enters into the collection system turning it into an efficient bioreactor that keeps on working until the end stages of wastewater in-plant treatment.

Our solutions cost less and won't require chemical and equipment additions or upgrades at your wastewater treatment plant. Give us a call today to find out more.

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